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The history of the complex starts from 1947.

In the tract of “Stayki” was the encampment for training Belarusian athletes for the all-Union physical culture parade in Moscow.Athletes like “Stayki”.

The government went against their wishes, and soon construction beganin the tract. The first wooden buildingsappeared then in 1956-1958 several one-storey brick buildings were equipped with a stadium of hand games, and 1962 year built sport-gym, hotel with 260 seats, catering. They have constructed a damon the river Trostyanka, and 18 acres of flooded artificial water reservoir. Until 1969, the year country sport camp functioned only in the summer, which is not fully satisfying the needs of the sports movement in the Republic. And then “Stayki” become the base year-round training of athletes.

By the decision of the sports Committee of the USSR in 1973, the year of the Republican base “Stayki” is renamed to Olympic sports camp. In the mid 70-ies in the preparation of athletes for the XXII summer Olympics in Moscow was additionally commissioned several hotels, health and recreation center and major sports facilities. Subsequently, a range of sporting and recreational opportunities of the complex was significantly expanded.

In the composition of the teams of the USSR on the basis of “Stayki” prepared for the competition world-famous sportsmen: Alexander Medved, LevanTediashvili, NikolayBalboshin, Victor Sidyak, Elena Belova, RomualdKlim, Valery Shary, Tatiana Samusenko and others.

On 2 may 2016 through the merger of the Republican unitary enterprise “Olympic sports complex “Stayki” and institutions RTOP of martial arts, established the State institution “the Republican Centre of Olympic training “Stayki”.

Currently, the complex “Stayki” is 82,71 hectares and is the largest sports base of the country by national teams of the Republic of Belarus to the European and World Championships and Olympic games for more than 20 sports.

Today “Stayki” — the largest sports facilities in the country for the preparation of national teams of the Republic of Belarus, and also a great place for tourism, rest and recovery.

In this unique, even by European standards, the object, has all the conditions for sports, rehabilitation and recreation. Experts say the increased biological activity of the territory that guarantees a full recovery and recreation.

Curative pine air, natural springs feeding the river source of the Trostianka, draw in the surrounding forests, rare birds and wildlife.

Located in a picturesque pine forest on the shore of the reservoir, “Stayki” is situated 10 km from Minsk.

Thanks to a solid base and a good location, the complex is known as a superior not only in Belarus but also far beyond its borders.

Centre “Stayki” offers eight hotels, which is ready to accommodate up to 500 people in rooms of different categories: economy, standard, Suite.

The hotel is surrounded by pine forests and crystal clear air at the origins of forest river Trostianka, on the shore of the reservoir.

For convenience, all hotel rooms are equipped with Kosmos-TV. You can use Wi-Fi here.