Dining room

During your stay in “Stayki” guests of the sports complex can get acquainted with the history of the Olympic movement, relax and improve your health, play in the gym, where our famous athletes train, relax in the sauna, as well as tasty and inexpensive meal.

The dining room is designed for 100 and 200 seats. Local chefs and bartenders always approach the business creatively and with the utmost responsibility, because of proper, balanced nutrition affects the health, mood and athletic performance.

For athletes, taking into account the specifics of each sport, an individual diet is developed, the tastes of the participants of the training camp are taken into account, special dietary dishes are prepared if necessary. As a rule, the food of athletes and guests of the complex is three times a day. The principle underlying the formation of the menu in the sports complex implies that the food should be not only tasty but also useful.

Bon appetit! Enjoy your meal!