Rehabilitation treatment room

Hydro-Jet and Alpha Capsule.

Alpha Capsule ” is a multi-purpose machine that offers therapeutic complexes of different directions: healing, beauty, body care and improving well-being. The light system offers a complete system of spa therapy, which provides rehabilitation and stimulation of the whole body, uses fluorescent light to heal, rejuvenate and calm the body and soul, increase efficiency, achieve a state of harmony. The system for weight loss and body shape provides a holistic solution to improve metabolism as a quick and natural way to lose weight and maintain optimal weight. The machine stimulates fat burning in the body to stabilize weight and eliminate cellulite. Subcutaneous vibrotherapy is an advanced, non-invading, method of caring for the skin, muscles, connective tissue and skin cells. Improved results are achieved with the simultaneous use of vibratory rotational movements, tapping, stroking or kneading with the supply of heat and aromatic oils.

Hydro-Jet Medical ” is a therapeutic bath for mechanical massage, which can be used for symptomatic and non-symptomatic tensions of the entire muscular system of the back, buttocks and legs. The advantages of a medical bath are: no circulation overload, no excessive sweating, reliable individual dosage. In the therapeutic effect of therapeutic massage, an increase and decrease in muscle tone, increased localized blood circulation and metabolism, relaxation of subcutaneous cells, elimination of congestion in the veins and lymph nodes, reflective relief of pain, removal of scars, activation and suppression of the autonomic nervous system with beneficial effects on the internal organs.

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