Sports facilities

Since Soviet times, the complex has won a good reputation of the training center, which is the good reputation not only in our Republic but also far beyond its borders. Today in “Stayki” the athletes more than 20 sportscan simultaneously train and prepare for responsible competitions.

Today in the sports complex there are:


  • Two universal hall-arena size 72х50 and 54х36 meters with a complex of ancillary facilities (changing rooms, dressing rooms, showers, canteen, inventory) and rehabilitation facilities (sauna). These structures allow year-round training and competitions for all types of martial arts, games and crafts sports.
  • Gym air-supported structures 36*36 m is designed for team sports, martial arts, fencing, tennis (2 tennis courts).
  • Gymnastic sports building with two halls 36х24 m and 30*19 m, equipped with sports facilities and equipment allows for training athletes-gymnasts at a high technical level.
  • 2 specialized weightlifting hall with 12 and 10 platforms and utility rooms.
  • A specialized Boxing hall with a set of modern tools and equipment, two stationary Boxing ring, Boxing bags (17 pieces), wall cushions (8 pieces).
  • Gym with complete exercise equipment, sports equipment and equipment.

Outdoor sports facilities

  • Six football fields. Two fields with synthetic turf, four with natural;
  • Nine playgrounds with markings for sports games (basketball, volleyball, hand ball, tennis) with artificial turf;
  • Two platforms for physical training, equipped with a power station and equipment;
  • Athletics sports core with synthetic turf, comprising:
  • Indoor straight running track;
  • Inclined treadmill (133 m);
  • Four circular (400 m) running track;
  • Sector for training in high jump;
  • The sectors for pole vault, long jump and triple;
  • Sectors for javelin throw, disc and hammer throw, shot put.